Thursday, 13 April 2017

3 Primary Categories of Engineering Entrance Exams

Engineering has become a hot career choice today owing to the advances in the field of science and technology and a constantly growing demand for good engineers. When an increasing number of students are applying every year for admission into good engineering colleges, the competition has naturally turned hard.

There are many competitive exams in the country meant for admission into various engineering colleges and universities. These entrance exams can be divided into three broad categories based on their scope, viz., national level, state level, and university level.

National Level Exams
These exams, as the name suggests, are conducted on a national level, which invite applications from around the country for colleges spread across the country; thus, they are also called All India Level Exams. The fight in these examinations is also very tough as the total number of candidates sitting to write these tests are many times the total number of seats available. Everything from the eligibility criteria to the selection criteria is tough for these exams. The popular national level B. Tech entrance exams are: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Both these exams are designed and conducted by the C.B.S.E.

State Level Exams
The state level exams are meant for admission into the engineering colleges within a particular state. These tests increase your chances of selection. Suppose you belong to Madhya Pradesh, then you may apply for top engineering colleges in Gwalior or other cities in MP through the state level entrance examinations. Here, your chances of selection are relatively more due to less fierce competition and you also get a chance to study while staying at home; no need of relocating to other cities. Some of the state level entrance tests for engineering are EAMCET, UPSEE, CG PET, and Rajasthan PET, among others.

University Level Exams
While some universities consider the national and state level exams score for admission into B. Tech courses, there are many universities that take their own entrance exam. You need to give such tests if you prefer to take admission into a particular university of your choice. These tests are relatively easier in comparison to the national and state level ones. Some popular university level entrance examinations for B. Tech are BITSAT, VITEEE, CUSAT, PGEE, and Amity JEE, to name a few.

So, you have to sit in one of the above examinations if you are seeking admission into a good engineering college or university. Good preparation and time management is the key to success in any of the above competitive exams. Whether you are looking for admission in top 10 engineering colleges in Gwalior, Delhi, or any other city, stay prepared to do well in an engineering entrance test.

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