Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What Things to Consider for Selecting The Right Private Engineering College?

Engineering or B. Tech is undoubtedly the most preferred study and career option in India. Whether you see towards the best engineering colleges in Gwalior or Delhi, students flock before them to get admission into various B. Tech courses. The craze for B. Tech seems undying in the country.

The top-notch engineering institutions of India are the IITs and NITs, but a very small proportion of students manage to obtain a seat in these elite institutions owing to the insanely tough competition. The majority of B. Tech students in India are absorbed by private colleges and universities. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary to choose the right engineering college by following the right strategy.

The first and foremost thing to consider for selecting the right B. Tech institution is the faculty. The faculty must be knowledgeable and learned. The assistant professors should have a master’s degree in their discipline, and the senior professors must have a Ph.D. The faculty should also have some publications in their name related to their subject. Also, there should be adequate number of full-time faculty members. This is important to maintain the student-teacher ratio.

Secondly, the infrastructure of the college must be state-of-the-art with adequate number of spacious classrooms, auditoriums, seminar rooms, labs, libraries, sports area, cafeteria, medical room, student accommodation, etc. There should also be facilities such as water coolers with filters, sanitized washrooms, free WiFi in campus, free parking space, proper security, and so. These things are essential for creating an environment which facilitates learning.

Thirdly, the placement record of the institution must be good both quantity and quality wise. That is to say, a good percentage of students should get campus placements in most relevant industries at relevant roles as per their engineering branch. The salary package should also be good. It is the responsibility of the university placement office to prepare students for interviews and to invite reputable companies for campus recruitment.

Lastly, you must make sure that the college or university you are planning to join holds the necessary recognition and accreditation. It must be duly recognized by the University Grants Commission or UGC. It should also hold accreditation by a statutory body like AICTE, NBC or NAAC.

If you are looking for admission into a private engineering college in Madhya Pradesh, then Amity University Gwalior would surely prove to be the right choice. This institution is one of the best engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh.

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